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Propulsio Bootcamps Are Taking Off!

We are proud to release three specific learning tracks:

  1. Démarrage et croissance d'une entreprise
  2. Navigation légale
  3. Ressources externes

That represents over 20 topics which as an entrepreneur will be indispensable to mastering the pitfalls and challenges you will face in starting and growing your business.

We are constantly adding new material to each track, as well as giving you access to periodic LIVE events, included in your membership, which tackle current market developments.

Our Bootcamp platform enrollment is year-round. That means you can take the course at your own pace, but still get the benefits of group coaching, live participation, and support over time.

Save over $600 by enrolling now! (only $49/mth instead of the usual price of $99/mth).

Save $600 by enrolling now

  • Learn how to truly grow your business
  • Unlimited access to the Bootcamp community
  • Unlimited access & updates to the material
  • Join live, group-coaching sessions
  • Immediate access to the current curriculum
  • Educate at your own pace

Enroll now and save $600